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Bolivian Craftspeople...One-of-a-Kinds

April 23, 2015

The brightly colored Bolivian handcrafted pillows and throws

These exquisite pillows and throws are hand-crafted by Bolivian artisans, and the fabric for each carries a rich history. When crafting the pillows, the materials used for each are vintage blankets, each averaging more than 30 years old. The blankets and fabrics all originated in the Bolivian Altipano.

Stewart Falls Table...A True Artisan Craft

April 7, 2015

Wood for the Stewart Falls Table and Bench is salvaged from barns in the Midwest such as these

In this spring’s catalog, we are featuring the Stewart Falls Outdoor Table and Bench. The reclaimed lumber for these is salvaged from 100 - 150 year-old barns across the Midwest. These barns were originally built from century old trees that dotted the landscape.