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Artisan Spotlight: Handmade Kantha Quilts

June 25, 2015

Handmade Constellations Quilt by Indian Artisan Women

It takes incredible ability, care, and attention to detail to craft goods by hand. The women who construct the Constellation Quilts and Shams use their skills in the traditional Kantha embroidery and applique work to create this bright, beautiful bedding.

Great Gifts for Father's Day

June 10, 2015

The Blaze Jacket by Deus ex Machina, a great gift for Father’s Day

This year, Father's Day is on Sunday, June 21. With the holiday fast approaching, there’s no better time to shop for gifts for Dad. But, like many people, you may ask yourself at this time of year, ‘What should I give to my Dad this year?’