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Manufacture de Digoin - Stoneware & Pottery / 1875

August 9, 2017

At Sundance, we're proud to carry beautiful pottery pieces from talented artisans. Our Corrine Stoneware collection is crafted of raw materials from France with an intriguing combination of glazed and unglazed clay creating a rustically refined look and an alluring French country feel.

Silver Jewelry SOS: Cleaning, Prevention, and Care

August 8, 2017

The versatility of sterling silver jewelry makes it easy to wear your favorite pieces frequently. While the ability to pair them with numerous ensembles is part of their appeal, frequent wear may contribute to dirt or dullness, so you will need to give your silver accessories a bit of attention to maintain their original luster. Whether your sterling silver jewelry is hammered, etched, or paired with gemstones, you can easily keep the beautiful finish its creator intended . Learn how to clean your silver jewelry below.