Sundance Jewelry Highlight: The Lionesse Necklace

by - 11:07 AM

For our Fall Jewelry collection, we have specially curated an exclusively-online collection of beautiful jewelry pieces by a number of our Sundance artisans, one of which is Jes MaHarry. Jes, a long-standing Sundance artisan has been creating beautifully exquisite handmade pieces for Sundance for over 10 years. Jes's jewelry is filled with inspiring quotes - made with the true essence of peace and love.

One of her creations for our online-only collection is the Lionesse Necklace. A protective lionesse charm embodies courage and strength. Etched with a third eye symbol to bestow wisdom upon its wearer. Hear more from Jes about the meaning behind this beautiful 14kt gold piece by watching the video below:

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