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Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Dennis Hogan

September 29, 2017

As a child, Sundance Artisan, Dennis Hogan split his free time between artistic and athletic pursuits. In college, he split his studies between art and economics. He went on to pursue a business career, but decided his heart was in the arts, left his job and moved to New Mexico. There he apprenticed with a well-known jewelry maker, absorbing traditional southwestern techniques and motifs while developing the unique style seen in his designs today. Watch the video below for more on what inspires him and shop his collection here.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Ananda Khalsa

September 26, 2017

Sundance Artisan Ananda Khalsa's creations exemplify the convergence of jewelry and art. Hand paintings of natural themes are a hallmark of her collection. Set behind crystal and framed in precious metals, they charm with sensitivity and symbolism. When she turns to gems, she looks for vibrancy and luminosity, hand selecting stones with the eye of a painter composing a palette.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Sarah McGuire

Chicago-based Sundance Artisan Sarah McGuire's subtle jewelry rewards scrutiny without clamoring for attention. She draws inspiration from the natural forms she found during childhood summers spent combing New England beaches, the classic modernist design she studied at New York's Parsons School of Design and man made curiosities that strike her fancy. Her organic, sculptural pieces hand-forged in sterling silver and high-karat gold epitomize timeless style.

Celebrating the Monarch Butterflies of Yosemite

September 22, 2017

They delight all who see them. Without a doubt, monarch butterflies are the most iconic butterfly species of North America.

Collectible, Coveted and One of a Kind - The History & Craftsmanship Behind the Sundance Heritage Collection

September 19, 2017

Collector’s items, treasures to be loved and passed down from generation to generation, our Heritage Collection is made up of exquisitely handcrafted jewelry from American artisans, past and present. Curated to represent the best of its kind, each piece is rich in history, story and time-honored tradition.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Adel Chefridi

September 15, 2017

Born in Tunisia, along the Mediterranean coast where ancient history and modern life coexist, and now settled in Woodstock, NY,  Adel Chefradi's interest in the art of jewelry making began at an early age when he first walked into the back room of a jeweler who was wearing big glasses and wielded a torch in his hands. For him, it was magical to see how gold can be molded into different shapes and creations. Thus began a lifelong fascination with metal work and gemstones.