Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Adel Chefridi

by - Friday, September 15, 2017

Born in Tunisia, along the Mediterranean coast where ancient history and modern life coexist, and now settled in Woodstock, NY,  Adel Chefradi's interest in the art of jewelry making began at an early age when he first walked into the back room of a jeweler who was wearing big glasses and wielded a torch in his hands. For him, it was magical to see how gold can be molded into different shapes and creations. Thus began a lifelong fascination with metal work and gemstones.

Adel Chefridi pieces are created using natural gemstones and solid precious metals. The pieces range from organic, yet symmetrical designs, to more free form and spontaneous shapes later tamed and embellished with texture, light and color. The designs embody simplicity, durability and an openness to light and movement. Drawing from the idea that both the gemstones and the individual share innate beauty, the work has a friendly and peaceful feel that makes the jewelry wearable every day. Each Adel Chefridi piece draws from his multicultural background, reflecting the past and present, and inspiring feelings of nostalgia and hope.

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Our Fall Jewelry Catalog Cover - Adel's Forget me Not Necklace

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