On the Road, Again...Telluride

by - Monday, January 12, 2015

View of Colorado Avenue - Downtown, Telluride. Looking into the boxed canyon. 
Trivia: In 1884, Telluride became a haven for Butch Cassidy, where he enjoyed the saloons full of "wild living and corruption". Get the tie-in to Sundance and our founder?

Telluride. It is beyond doubt one of my favorite places. Top 3. For over a decade, my family has skied there every winter. Then, why not? Let’s shoot there in August. After all, the saying among the locals goes something like this: “Come in the winter, you won’t want to leave. Come in the summer, you won’t leave.” After this shoot, I see what they mean.

Some of the highlights from our trip:
One of the cabins on the property where we shot, a bit out of the town of Telluride. Imagine waking up to that view each day?

It takes a village...shooting at the ranch. There are usually 10-12 crew members on set for any one shot

Look at these glamorous dressing rooms

In town shot from our hotel. An unusual view of Lift 8 with no snow

Rush hour at the ranch

There are plenty of humongous homes here, but how great is this original local's cabin, right in town

We're not in Kansas...A moody moment featuring our faithful Penske

An Andy Goldworthy-inspired moment on location, courtesy of our Sets and Props Department. Alas, it never made it into the catalog photography, so a call-out on the blog will have to suffice

Our crew members always find the best places to grab a bite

It's a wrap! The sun sets on another successful shoot. Cheers!

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