The Beauty of Jewelry...Behind-the-Scenes of Spring Jewelry

by - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A look at the making of the beautiful painted backdrops of the spring jewelry catalogs

Each Sundance catalog tells a story through photography. The locations and backgrounds are carefully selected and precisely designed to further that story.

For this year’s spring jewelry catalogs, our set designers created brilliant painted back drops to showcase the beautiful jewelry and tell the colorful story of spring’s arrival. The idea behind the backdrops was a “Painterly” concept using watercolors and chalks.

To illustrate the concept, jewelry backdrops were painted to very loosely depict objects in nature using – flowers, skies, sunsets, leaves, trees, birds. We also brought in natural materials (leaves, flowers, twigs, etc.) to allow the three-dimensional objects to enhance the visual.

And finally, the story came together by including paint tools with the jewelry pieces – bowls, paint brushes, chalks, water color paper, etc.

Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at how it all came to be:

You can see the paintings in the Spring Jewelry catalogs. Here are some of the finished products:

Ring collection (clockwise from top left): Diamond Dew Drop Band, Dome and Diamond Ring, Anatonia Ring, Five Princesses Ring and Somewhere Ring

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