Made in America…Sundance Is Inspired by Home-Grown Artistry

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The picturesque American West

American artistry is vibrant from coast to coast, and we invite you to celebrate it with us. Supporting the creative process is an endeavor we embrace, so we want to recognize and applaud home-grown creativity and ingenuity.

Midwestern Recycling

Cumberland Dining Table and Benches made from reclaimed wood

We are rooted in the American West and are deeply connected to the soil here. The farming and ranching that formed our nation is still visible just beyond the city limits in the rural-built environments and in the barns and other outbuildings dotting the American countryside.

The iconic American barn can be picturesque and idyllic, even those that have fallen into disuse. And, the materials from these barns can be repurposed to marry a new story with the old. We share in these histories through reclaimed wood furniture, a sturdy and beautiful dining table and bench, hewn of wood salvaged from Midwestern barns. Resolute in its simplicity, the wood beams in this American-made table tell the unique stories of their past while the workmanship and construction of salvaging the wood ensures their stories continue.

Recycled wood and metal wall flowers

And who knew so much beauty was hiding in corrugated metal? This garden grows anywhere, and with renewed purpose—colorful wall bugs and flowers are crafted from recycled wood and metal; they’re perfect companions for a dining table of the same ilk.

California Artisan

Wiley Wolf home decor by Jes MaHarry and Patrick Henderson

Artist Jes MaHarry can’t resist a stray. Her Ojai, California, Sun Horse Ranch is awash in them —dogs, cats, burros, sheep, horses, and even a day-old calf rescue she nurtured to maturity. Jes and husband Patrick Henderson drew inspiration for their rust-finished, steel Wiley Wolf sculpture from a wildlife encounter in Wyoming. It speaks to the talent of these two American artists, whose passion also shines in the Sun Heart, a painted yellow sun with red heart suspended in its center, perfectly asymmetrical. They use reclaimed metal which is painted on two sides to create an artful piece that reflects an upbeat spirit.

Georgia Ceramics

Southern Peach Platter by Rebecca Wood

In the span of a little more than two decades, potter Rebecca Wood has grown her Athens, Georgia, warehouse studio into one of the largest in America, each piece still possessing hand-made integrity. Acclaimed in publications across the land, hers is a Southern success story, another version of the American dream. Rebecca’s artisan-made mugs are perfect for your cup of coffee, nicely shaped to warm your hands while you contemplate your own journey.

American artisans are nothing if not resourceful, finding inspiration in the everyday and beauty in the cast aside. Materials can be reclaimed and made into something stunning - a piece of furniture or a work of art. We take this time to recognize the home-grown artistry and ingenuity in thoughtful and unique made-in-America products.

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