The Artistry of Reclaimed Wood

by - Friday, April 22, 2016

Craft Your Reclaimed Home…

In this spring’s Home Collection, we feature a number of distinctive pieces crafted using reclaimed materials. There is a raw beauty in these items; their scuffs and imperfections tell the unique stories of their past, and the workmanship and artistry required to transform them into something new ensure their stories continue.

One of the more prominent pieces featured in the Furniture and Decor section of Sundance is the Scully Pub Table. The Scully Pub Table is a special item created using reclaimed wood from the floors of the 130 year-old Hamilton Factory in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a small town on the banks of Lake Michigan. The wood used to create the table was salvaged from the factory’s floors, made from old growth maple trees from around the state of Wisconsin.

In order to preserve the wood during the salvage process, the maple flooring was pulled up by hand, de-nailed, and then carefully brought in to the manufacturer’s wood shop. From there, the wood was sorted, sanded, end chopped, prepared in a three-step finishing process, and assembled into tables.

You can watch the process of making the Scully Pub Table in the video below, and you can purchase the Scully Pub Table here.

Sundance also offers other reclaimed items in Furniture and Décor:

Verdant Bird Lamp 

Artisan Janna Ugone combines a love the natural world with a modern aesthetic to create wonderful pieces for the home. Her love and appreciation for nature inspire her to incorporate reclaimed materials into her designs when possible. This season’s Verdant Bird Lamp features a sleek base made from reclaimed wood merged with hand-forged steel. From conception to completion, each piece is carefully crafted to preserve the history of the reclaimed material and ensure it comes together with the new. The result is a striking, handcrafted work of art.

Shop the Verdant Bird Lamp

Classic Game Tables 

Classic games evoke sentiments of old and new, and incorporating reclaimed materials into the creative process is the epitome of marrying the old with the new. The wood used in these foosball and shuffleboard tables have unique pasts, while the memories to be made on them will bring new life to their journeys.

Shop the Classic Game Tables

We want to recognize and applaud creativity and ingenuity, the craftsmanship and artistry required to see the potential in something old and transform it into something new; to take the care to preserve the history and revive and further the story.

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