Artisan Spotlight…William Reardon, New York Stoneware

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hand-thrown pottery crafted by artisan William Reardon

New York potter William Reardon is a Sundance home décor artisan. His handcrafted pottery pieces are both functional and inspired works of art.

There is a timeless craftsmanship and unfiltered beauty in his handmade ceramics. With his commitment to straightforward design, purposeful forms, and expert craftsmanship, Reardon makes usable objects of charm and subtlety.   

Hand thrown pottery by William Reardon
For Reardon, it was clear from an early age that he was drawn to artistic creation. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he was always drawing, painting, and sculpting. He went on to study ceramics and architecture at The Art Institute of Chicago. While in Chicago, his life-long passion for artistic expression found a new outlet when he studied wheel-throwing under Charlie Jahn. Reardon continued his work in clay by serving as a Studio Assistant for ceramicist Bryan Kerrigan, creating large-scale architectural tiles.  

In 2013, Reardon established New York Stoneware in Brooklyn, New York, creating and selling his own line of pottery. By refining and updating classic forms, his pieces achieve an understated elegance.  

On his work, Reardon notes, "I want to make pottery that can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives, hoping that, in doing so, users come to appreciate the spontaneity and beautiful variation of the handmade object. In an age of industrial manufacturing, my handmade pottery has seemed to strike a chord with many people”

Inspired by the subtle beauty of simple objects made by highly skilled craftspeople, it is Reardon’s desire to make clean-lined, elegant pottery. Though they are one-of-a-kind pieces, Reardon insists that they are meant for function. 

“My creations are not meant to be treated as precious objects. They are meant to be used, and I hope that with continued and frequent use, my objects gain in significance to the user.”  

Artisan William Reardon hand-throwing pottery
Each piece is designed, thrown, trimmed, glazed and fired by hand in Reardon’s Brooklyn studio. He uses incredible ability and meticulous attention to detail in order to craft each item. His unique pottery’s classic inspiration and contemporary functionality are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed in everyday lives.

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