Artisan Spotlight: One-of-a-kind Prints by Dennis and Roy Barloga

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Father and son photographers Dennis and Roy Barloga, each acclaimed in his own right, combine their separate expertise and visions to create one-of-a-kind artisan prints. The duo have been creating prints and photographs in their shared Northern California studio for more than a decade.

Starting back in the 1970's, Dennis began crafting and honing his photography skills and is known for his portfolio of photographs that depict old world Europe. Now, he splits his time creating art and traveling with his wife and dog. 

His son, Roy, started working at the studio as a child, sweeping the floors. Since then, he hasn't really left. Together, Dennis and Roy handcraft each piece of paper, making it unique with slight variations in color and thickness. Photos are individually printed, titled and signed.

Their arresting black and white photographs are giclée printed on unique paper, handmade from plant bark in Nepal. In their new print, the pair focus on nature, and in particular, at birds' nests.

"Looking closely at a bird's nest is quite a humbling experience as an artist, or a human being for that matter. The beauty in form, the resourcefulness, the architecture and engineering of it all is just miraculous. To think it is all done with a beak and two feet adds to the wonder and humility."

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