20th Anniversary Jewelry Artisan Spotlight: Anne Sportun

by - Monday, October 17, 2016

Twenty years ago, we launched the first Sundance Jewelry Catalog dedicated to the artistry and beauty of jewelry making. Showcasing artisans and their craft from all over the world, the jewelry catalog quickly attracted loyal customers who appreciate the authenticity and originality of its collection. Two decades later, as Sundance continues to celebrate the community of jewelry artists who express their individual spirit of creativity through inspired use of mix metals and gemstones, color and form, Sundance is renowned for the unique yet timeless pieces that the artists offer. To commemorate the anniversary, we will be posting several blog posts featuring some of our favorite artists. This week, we are featuring artisan Anne Sportun.

Anne Sportun's creativity is driven by her belief in a universal language of shapes and symbols. Finding pure beauty in nature's organic forms, she balances the precise with the irregular, the perfect with the prosaic. Sparkling gems adopt an understated elegance that transforms them from special-occasion dazzlers to wear-everyday pleasures. Based in Toronto, she's been honored with a Canadian postage stamp featuring her hands and rings.

Sundance: Tell us how you got started as a jewelry artist?
Anne Sportun: At age 8, I began untangling my Grandma’s costume jewelry, which she kept in cookie tins, and became obsessed! At 16, I made my first line of jewelry out of stained glass and sold it to various stores. At 18, I was working with my father’s tools in his workshop, making earrings out of tin, copper and brass. I then entered a three year jewelry arts program and became a goldsmith. Working on my own and slowing growing my business and hiring people to help along the way.

SD: What are your favorite materials?
AS: I love working with gold and combining it with unusual gemstones.

SD: Does your collection change seasonally?
AS: I create a new body of designs once a year, as well as adding to existing classic collections. I have designs whirling in my head always and capture them in a note book.

SD: What is your inspiration? Can you show concept board or images you use?
AS: I’m old school and everything is in my head or sketches from my notebooks, therefore no concept board.  Here a description for the inspiration for my work:

My work is a distillation of the world around me--those things that nurture my soul.

Away from the distractions of the city, I find I can delve into a quiet place where I become creatively fulfilled.

The sound of leaves in the forest, the water’s surface shaped by wind, and the calmness that presents itself allows for a distilled world.  Nature’s rhythm.

This tranquility creates a deep creative well from which I can draw.  The shapes come to me naturally and unexpectedly 

I am deeply drawn to nature’s elegant irregularities and with a trained hand, I seek to recreate this subtle dichotomy and appreciate that everything and every day is precious.

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