Jes MaHarry's Free Spirit Coloring Book

by - Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sundance artisan Jes MaHarry is known for her dreamy and free-spirited jewelry designs and home decor pieces. The beautiful landscapes of her California ranch often inform her creations. Images drawn from her surroundings become whimsical pictographs scrawled into precious metals, and now, into the pages of her very first hand-drawn adult journal/coloring book.

Entitled, "Free Spirit - A coloring Book for Calming your Mind, Freeing Your Imagination, and Igniting your Soul," the book was created from the inspiration around her. "I created this inspirational journal/coloring book from my heart. All of the drawings were inspired from my rescued animals, the wilderness, my love for life and my family."

Jes MaHarry brings her positive energy and love of life to an interactive, signed coloring book that encourages creativity, introspection and positivity on every beautiful page.

Jes notes, "My drawings were done with ink pens and from my own imagination. When I was approached to create a coloring book, I only wanted to create one if I could add compassion to the world, to inspire people to feel and think in a deeper state, to help people be free and radiate happiness."

Free Spirit has set a trend in motion, which, like no other coloring book, also features positive affirmations, spiritual inquiries, and room for users to answer questions and add their own artful elements. Each page of beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations leads readers into spiritual inquiry through journaling prompts, mindful magic through coloring, and offers encouragement for freeing the spirit so it can soar.

Jes Maharry recently visited the Sundance offices in Utah to sign and package limited editions of her brand new "Free Spirit" coloring book. You can get your own signed, limited edition print of the Free Spirit Coloring Book here. It comes with a pencil and a handmade bookmark made of pewter, leather and trade beads, in addition to a bookmark charm stamped on front with "Free Spirit" and an owl, back stamped with a horse and artist signature.  Click here to shop the book and shop the rest of Jes's collection here.

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