Introducing our Newest Collection: Special Occasions

by - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enjoy every moment and let's get dressed up! 

Over the last few months, the Sundance Team has come together to curate a thoughtful collection for the memorable moments in your life. It could be an anniversary, a wedding, garden party, a graduation dinner or simply a special date. You want to feel extra special and bedazzle the nights away. 

They are meant to be the 'Wow' Pieces in your closet, and something you hold onto for years. We were inspired by romance, flowers blooming, and the joys in your life. Each piece was thoughtfully designed with every detail in mind. From the delicate beading mixed with embroidery, feminine lace touches, precious stones and the ethereal color palette. 

Let your imagination be your guide as you browse the collection and set the stage: picture our beautiful reclaimed wood tables set up as a banquet; with floating lights, chandeliers, artisan dinnerware, and casual linens. Or imagine a garden party with hanging lights, vibrant textiles, and candles glowing through blown-glass hurricanes at dusk. 

As this season of life's celebrations begins, we hope you find your own inspiration in our collection and experience as much joy in discovering it as we did in curating it for you. Give yourself the freedom to embrace what you love and experiment with unexpected pairings. Find what speaks to you and make your occasion beautifully, uniquely, extraordinarily your own.

The Sundance Design Team

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