The Sacred Symbolism of the Dragonfly

by - Wednesday, May 23, 2018

When the Sundance artisan known only as Buffalo created this dragonfly necklace, he tapped into a rich history of symbolism behind a most fascinating insect.

The dragonfly, in many parts of the world, symbolizes change. Dragonflies themselves transform from aquatic nymphs to airborne adults, so they are often thought to represent change in our own self-realization, a change that’s rooted in one’s mental and emotional maturity. Likewise, the traditional association of dragonflies with water—and the way they tend to flutter across its surface—symbolizes one’s seeking to find what’s beyond the surface and discovering the deeper meaning of life.

For some Native American tribes, dragonflies spiritually represent swiftness and activity. For the Navajo—the tribe whose heritage deeply influences Buffalo’s work as a silversmith—dragonflies symbolize pure water. The dragonfly motif is also found often on Zuni pottery, Pueblo jewelry and Hopi rock paintings.

 This spiritual symbolism further teaches us that the dragonfly embodies the stripping away of all the negativity that holds us back, helping us to achieve our goals and dreams. This remarkable insect reminds us that anything is possible. As such, the dragonfly ultimately represents hope and infinite possibilities.

Such deep symbolism is perhaps not surprising for an insect that has been around for more than 300 million years and lives worldwide. Their large size, often-brilliant iridescent colors and transparent wings make them easy to spot and much loved.

The handcrafted beauty of the dragonfly necklace and its message of self-reflection can be found here or along with the rest of Buffalo’s artistry.

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