Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Satorisan Footwear

by - Monday, February 11, 2019

Here at Sundance, we always seek to inspire creativity. Happily, we’ve found Satorisan comfort footwear to be a great embodiment of that. Their designers take the classic silhouettes that we all know and love and give them their own unique twists. From the color palette to the materials, Satorisan is a brand that marries authenticity with creativity.

We started offering footwear from Satorisan back in the spring of 2015 with the Kestrel Sneaker. In recent seasons, we have curated many of their other distinctive styles such as the Marnie Shoes, Silverlake Boots and Canta Boots, to name a few.

The Satorisan brand is proudly built on the ethical values of balance, harmony, being good citizens of the world, providing quality and comfort with innovation and always being open-minded and young in spirit.

The name derives from Satori, a supernatural ape-like creature from Japanese legend who is capable of reading people’s hearts and revealing their true inner spirit. Today, in Japanese Buddhism the word has come to mean understanding or enlightenment. To reflect this heritage and meaning, a tiny Satori representation can be found on all Satorisan styles.

Satorisan has become a Sundance favorite because they combine traditional craftsmanship with premium materials to create footwear of exceptional quality. They stay true to their spirit by following their own trail rather than chasing trends. Theirs is a brand more focused on putting the best product forward than having a large distribution base.

Most importantly, Satorisan is about the experience of feeling good. They believe this starts with your shoes and ends with being able to appreciate every experience in life – from the smallest things to the big ones. That sounds pretty deep, but it’s actually simple. Too often we forget to see what’s there. Happiness can be found in every step we take.

We at Sundance embrace the Satorisan philosophy while also loving how all their footwear styles are exceptionally comfortable. This is true whether we are running around the office preparing for the next season, are out and about in nature or navigating the urban jungle that surrounds us.

Check out our Satorisan comfort footwear collection today. And come back regularly for all the exciting things to come! We will be bringing back some customer favorites in new colors and fabrications, as well as introducing new Satorisan styles.

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