Artisan Spotlight: Anne Sportun's Holiday Collection

by - Thursday, November 21, 2019

Anne Sportun and Sundance share a common bond – the belief that nature offers the truest source of one’s creativity. 

The iconic Toronto-based jewelry artist finds pure beauty in the organic forms of the natural world. With her belief in a universal language of shapes and symbols, she delights in balancing the precise with the irregular, the perfect with the prosaic. It’s these imperfect silhouettes – executed using only the finest materials – that define her captivating styles.

Anne Sportun Jewelry Artisan Sundance Catalog
At Sundance, we especially adore Anne’s creates because their understated elegance seemingly transforms gemstones from special-occasion dazzlers to wear-everyday pleasures. In fact, she often likes to say her philosophy is to combine the precious with the everyday.

Anne’s cherished homeland of Canada also resonates deeply in her latest styles. As she explains, “This particular Holiday Collection was inspired by a moonlit, snow-covered trail by the lake in northern Ontario. The luminescent glow of moonstone, the sparkle of diamonds, and the warmth of gold conjure the many celebrations of the season.”

Anne adds, “Quiet moments; gift giving; feasts, with family and friends close by; dressing up in jeans and a new pair of earrings makes this season memorable once again.”

   Anne Sportun Jewelry Artisan Sundance Catalog

For decades now, Anne has been sharing her unique artistic vision with the world. It’s perhaps no surprise that she’s even been honored with a Canadian postage stamp featuring her hands and rings.
Be sure to browse her stunning Holiday Collection at Sundance today.

Anne Sportun Jewelry Artisan Sundance CatalogAnne Sportun Jewelry Artisan Sundance Catalog

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