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Sundance Artisans...Dinnerware By Alex Marshall

March 4, 2015

Dinnerware by Alex Marshall

Northern California ceramist Alex Marshall is a featured Sundance home d├ęcor artisan. You can find her collection of dinnerware currently featured in our catalog.

Alex’s unique personality is reflected in her work. Her sense of style, creativity and hands-on production is what brings her work to the table. She expresses movement through glazes, rich, multi-layered hues, shapes and textures to draw people to and into her work. 

Alex is as dedicated to the process of creating as she is to the visual outcome. She is in her element working in her studio, as she prides herself in creating something from nothing and "converting clay back to rock in a controlled way". She examines each piece both lovingly and systematically, pushing forms, smoothing surfaces, and layering glazes to create graceful compositions on her elegant forms. 

According to Alex, "My designs are not just about creating product but also an exploration of conceptual ideas. One of my favorite themes is the notion of one in many, repeating the same form over and over but with varying results."

"From shaping to glazing to firing, each step is an opportunity to create slight nuances. In turn, creating products that are as individual as the people who use them." 

We received a behind-the-scenes look at how Alex creates her pieces in her studio. Experience the artistic process of her beautiful ceramics:

Plaster moldings for Alex's pieces in her studio

Alex's creations ready to be loaded into the kiln

A look into the kiln

Alex at work in her studio

A peek at the studio with dinnerware in the works

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