Ankle Booties...New Fall Classic

by - Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ankle Boots from Sundance

How to Wear Your Ankle Boots

Whether you call them booties or ankle boots, we love everything about this fall favorite. It’s a special family of footwear, sitting at a height that falls between the mid-calf boot and the shootie (which dips below the ankle). The appeal of the booties are their versatile design - they can take your independent sense of style and run with it straight through the season.

With their lower-profile topline, we appreciate that ankle boots and booties are those rare shoes that look just as good with a skirt or dress as with pants. They are a great complement for all your autumn looks while providing a perfect level of coverage for cool-weather comfort.

5 Ways to Wear Your Ankle Boots

1. With Cropped or Rolled Jeans - A pair of ankle boots pair very well with cropped or rolled jeans, as they offer personality, style and stability without any bunching or complications around your calves. (Shown here in the Medusa Boots)

Medusa Boots

2. Without a Heel - Ankle boots without a heel make all-day comfort look good - really good - with an easy-wearing refinement that will take you from the workday to a night out without missing a step. (Shown here in the Frye Bella Booties)

Frye Bella Booties

3. With a Skirt or Dress - Pair them with a skirt or maxi dress for a sumptuous, layered look. Especially for those warmer fall days, you will stay cooler in a bootie than a taller boot. (Shown here in the Rue & Vervain Boots)

Rue & Vervain Boots

4. Moccasin Bootie - Bring casual, feminine character to a simple pair of pants with a moccasin bootie. This can be a great, unique alternative to the cowboy-style or dressier booties. (Shown here in the Tread Softly Booties)

Tread Softly Booties

5. With a Tunic or Long Sweater - Showcase the shoes’ designs by wearing them with skinny jeans or tights and a tunic or sweater. This is an excellent way to dress up an outfit without being as formal as heels. (Shown here in the Etta Boots)

Etta Boots

There’s no wrong way to rock your ankle boots. Whatever looks you have lined up in your closet for fall, set aside a little space for a pair of booties. They are sure to become a favorite.

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