The Dogs of Sundance...October 2014

by - Friday, October 03, 2014

Finnegan, Sundance Dog of the Month

Congratulations to Finnegan, the Sundance Dog of October!

When we read Finnegan's story and saw the pictures of this adorable guy, we could not resist. Here is a little more about him as told by his family:

I took a trip to the animal shelter and through all the chaos of yapping..there was a little, sad, quiet fur ball. He didn’t smell too good..but I picked him up and he snuggled into my armpit..and wouldn’t move. He won my heart. I took him home..bathed and brushed him. After a bit of time..he opened up..and it has been me and him since. We will have had him 2 years this December. In those 2 years he has become a Therapy Dog..and my Service Dog (I have Multiple Sclerosis).  We now visit nursing homes..and he spreads love to everyone.

As you can see..we have a pool. He loves when I go swimming..and he joins me. My hubby even got a little cart that attaches to my bike so we can get out into the world sometimes, together. We really love our little guy.

Here are a couple more Sundance Family dogs we are excited to introduce to you:

Jupiter (Matey, CEO)

Jupiter at Sundance Resort

Jupiter loves to spend time at the Sundance office when he's not too busy enjoying Sundance Resort. This picture was taken after he received his ski pass for the 2012-2013 winter season.

Dylan (Trish, Design)

Dylan enjoying a cool dip in a mountain stream.

Dylan relaxing on "his" bed

Dylan is 10 years old and forever a puppy at heart. He loves to explore in the picturesque mountain streams, always following his nose. Dylan is a rescue dog, and Trish is certain they rescued each other

Walker (Betsy, Marketing)

Walker hiking in Park City, enjoying the leaves

Walker, a herding dog mix, is a rescue from Wyoming. He loves living in the mountains, especially when he is hiking and can find a pond for a casual swim. His favorite game is playing fetch, and there is no stick too small for him to retrieve.

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