On the Road...Holiday in June

by - Friday, November 28, 2014

Setting up a decorated tree at the top of a mountain isn't as easy as it looks...

One fact of which you may not be aware: we shoot ahead of season - fall in the spring, spring in the fall. The Holiday book is shot from May to June. It is always something I have to plan for, making the season seem believable. Fortunately, at high elevations (knock-on-wood) the snow remains late in the season, perfect for the festive feeling we need.

Some highlights from this year's shoot:

Our snowcat driver brought her faithful avalanche dog every day

Our fashionable fashion stylist and assistant
If you have to wear winter clothes in June, why not look good?

We also shot at the historic McPolin Farm in Park City, Utah, a national landmark

Working on a shot at the base. The sun rises so early - and sets so late - making for very long days. Lots of water and sunscreen are mandatory.

Not many people can say this is their mode of transportation to and from work everyday

It is remarkable how the snow lingers at higher elevations...

We ran into this hardcore sledding enthusiast - he hiked a few thousand feet to the top in order to enjoy one ride down

We also shot at the beautiful Sundance Resort - Bear Claw is the cabin at the very top, with 360 degree views which never disappoint

A very special place, indeed

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