Handcrafted Holiday...Glass Ornaments

by - Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Complete a holiday tree with hand-blown Egyptian ornaments

There is a delicate art to crafting goods by hand. The time, care and attention to detail are apparent in each piece created. Artisans become masters at their craft, and this type of workmanship is truly evident in the glass blown tree ornaments produced by Egyptian artisans.

These artisans in Egypt make tree ornaments by hand using the torch glass technique, a method of transforming glass perfected in Egypt for glass ornaments. Each is carefully worked by hand to produce the remarkable, enchanting finished product. 

The craftsmen blow the ornaments out of high temperature resistant glass, and then they cut the different patterns using the technique of crystal cutting. The cutting can be frost or fire polished to enhance the brilliance of the glass. The decoration is then painted on by hand, creating unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

See more from their process below:

The process begins by heating the glass to a workable form

The artist slowly molds and shapes the heated glass

The ornament slowly begins to take shape

Carefully, the artisan blows the glass to help it take its spherical shape

The finishing touches are molded

The ornament bulb is smoothed and finished

The smooth glass is polished and finished

Each decorative element is painted on by hand

The finished ornaments adorn a beautiful holiday tree

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