Stewart Falls Table...A True Artisan Craft

by - Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Wood for the Stewart Falls Table and Bench is salvaged from barns in the Midwest such as these

In this spring’s catalog, we are featuring the Stewart Falls Outdoor Table and Bench. The reclaimed lumber for these is salvaged from 100 - 150 year-old barns across the Midwest. These barns were originally built from century old trees that dotted the landscape.

The knots and imperfections of the wood tell the unique stories of their past while the workmanship and construction of salvaging the wood ensures their stories continue. The following images depict some of the barns used to gather the reclaimed materials.

According to the craftsmen, “In our salvaging efforts, we do our best to find a use for every bit of old growth lumber in a reclaimed barn, from the basement to the timbers. For this table, thickly sawn white pine floor joists from the barn make up the substantial table top. The richly textured siding from the barn is joined together to create the sturdy leg panels.”

The Stewart Falls Table and Bench

There is an amazing sense of pride that comes when crafting goods using reclaimed materials. Having an eye for suitable materials and the drive to transform something old into something completely new are characteristics of true artists. The time, care, and attention to detail needed are apparent in each piece created.

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