20th Anniversary Jewelry Artisan Spotlight: Jes MaHarry

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jes MaHarry in her studio.
Twenty years ago, we launched the first Sundance Jewelry Catalog dedicated to the artistry and beauty of jewelry making. Showcasing artisans and their craft from all over the world, the jewelry catalog quickly attracted loyal customers who appreciate the authenticity and originality of its collection. Two decades later, as Sundance continues to celebrate the community of jewelry artists who express their individual spirit of creativity through inspired use of mix metals and gemstones, color and form, Sundance is renowned for the unique yet timeless pieces that the artists offer.

To commemorate the anniversary, we will be posting several blog posts featuring some of our favorite artists. This week, we are featuring artisan Jes MaHarry. Jes designs her jewelry with the hope that it will bring a bit a beauty to the world, and a measure of solace and peace. Jes tries to represent the wonder of the natural and spiritual worlds through her work and hopes her pieces resonate deep within all who wear them.

Jes MaHarry's Reach for the Sky Necklace
Sundance model wearing Jes Jewelry
Sundance: How did you get started as an artist?
Jes MaHarry: I have always made some sort of adornment - from as early as I can remember. I used to find feathers, rusty washers, bottle caps, or anything I could remotely use for sculptural pieces of jewelry. I used to paint on miniature charms that I made out of clay or found objects, and I would wrap them in wire and gift them. Those pieces would take countless hours to create and I never thought about the time, as I loved doing every step of it. That grew into having a true passion for beads and gems - authentic stones and antique trade beads. I am self taught in silversmithing. Years after learning how to solder on my own and purchasing used equipment one piece at a time, I learned
how to work with metal in the way I wanted. I had taken a few goldsmithing classes, which was really amazing... as I was able to learn even more. My love for drawing merged with metal over 25 years ago. I can remember the exact moment when I started drawing into metal. My true calling was answered, and from that point on I have honed my craft to be very unique.

My favorite stones are beautiful hand-cut and aged to perfection antique pieces of rare authentic turquoise. I do love diamonds, although they are not rare, I love the magic they add to a piece. I also love tourmaline and authentic glass trade beads that are hundreds of years old. I am in love with beautiful high-quality gems I can find. I pride myself in only using the best and ethically-sourced stones around the world.

My inspiration comes from love... love for my family, the wilderness and animals, particularly from my rescued animals.

SD: Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
JM: I love the untouched wilderness, running in the mountains, hiking, being with my horses, swimming and cultivating inspiration through art - painting and drawing, organic gardening and yoga. Of course, being with my family is my first love, and most of all, I enjoy being in the outdoors with them.

I live on a ranch with my husband Patrick Henderson who is also a metal-smith. We have three children. I have built a life I love that revolves from my free spirit. We have also built our ranch and filled it with organic gardens and pastures with our rescued animals. We contribute to many non profits and are active and conscious environmentalists.

Shop Jes's collection here.

Jes MaHarry's Amor Vitae Cuff

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