On the Road: Northern California

by - Monday, July 17, 2017

Every year our Sundance photography crews travel to over a dozen locations. The goal is always to be inspired by the natural beauty and local cultures of these places, which are most likely off of the beaten path. Ultimately some work better than others, many have clear obstacles (altitude comes to mind first, followed by unexpected weather conditions, insects, injuries, noisy hotels, etc etc etc).

This effort was filmed on the coast of Northern California, at a beautiful property called Sea Ranch. This location was perhaps one of the most zen-like that we have ever visited. Peaceful, quiet, awesome.

The following description is better than anything I could write, excerpted from a detailed article about the history of Sea Ranch by Susan Clark:
The original Sea Ranch concept directed that people would join the natural environment with minimal impact. Overgrazed lands were to be rested and natural processes allowed to take their course, with indigenous planting where needed. The Ranch would become a wildlife and game refuge. Improvements would involve a minimum of grading. Utilities would be located underground, and population density kept low. Residential design would allow homes to blend into and become part of the natural landscape. 
At Sea Ranch, a property that teeters on the edge of the world, we saw migrating whales, wild calla lilies growing in abundance, and a gorgeous first moon. The crew largely, if not entirely, consists of a group of creative people who often bring their own sketchpads, journals, cameras, and in this case, drones. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words. Take a moment to watch this video, filmed, edited and graciously submitted by our illustrious photography assistant. Enjoy!

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