Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin's Inspiration Behind her Sphere of Influence Necklace and Earrings

by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spheres Of Influence Earrings Sphere Of Influence Necklace Image Map

Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin transforms enchanting gemstones and precious metals into sculptural forms that exemplify style. She cites Byzantine, Victorian and Elizabethan design influences, yet her creations are infused with undeniably modern undertones.

Featured in our Spring Jewelry book are her newest creations, the Sphere of Influence Necklace and Sphere of Influence Earrings. Subtle statement making pieces, containing intricate twists of fine-gauge wire in gold surrounding a disk of white chalcedony. Incorporating twists of wire is a signature element of her jewelry, a painstakingly delicate technique that imparts refined femininity.

Kellin notes, "When I first laid eyes on these translucent and sparkling chalcedony stones, they instantly conjured up images of a resplendent, full moon."

She continues, "The moon is a big inspiration for me; not only because of its radiance but also because of how majestic and enduring it is. The moon has always had practical importance for civilizations throughout history but it is also an ascendant, mythological symbol of female divinity. There have been countless moon goddesses in various cultures, religions and tribes as far back as history has been recorded. Some, such as the Celtic goddess Cerridwen, are associated with the intuitive nature of women and others like Epona were worshipped for their feminine power.

I wanted to showcase the beauty and meaning of the stones in a way that projected the strength and beauty of women and their deep and intrinsic spirituality. The complexity of the intricate wire wrapping and finely hammered gold-filled frames mirror the complexity of nature as well as the nature of women."

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