Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Dana Kellin

by - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sundance Artisan Dana Kellin transforms enchanting gemstones and precious metals into sculptural forms that exemplify style. She cites Byzantine, Victorian and Elizabethan design influences, yet her creations are infused with undeniably modern undertones.Intricate twists of fine-gauge wire in gold or silver are a signature element of her jewelry, a painstakingly delicate technique that imparts refined femininity. On the inspiration for her latest pieces in our catalog, Dana tells in her own words:

"Every year before the school year ends I hop on the internet and search for a new summer adventure for my family. It was on one such occasion that I stumbled onto photos of the Losar festival, the Tibetan new year celebration." She continues, "I became instantly enchanted by the ceremonial costumes and tribal jewelry: layers and layers of solid coral-colored beads with headdresses to match. Luckily I was at the studio so I immediately walked over to my design table and set about creating this collection. I am very passionate about the color red at the moment which makes perfect sense. According to color experts, red evokes passion, desire and love. It is also said to attract more attention than any other color so a little goes a long way! There must be something to the psychology of color because I feel confident and empowered whenever I wear it.

Whether layered or worn alone, these pieces are sure to dazzle.  Each of them has wonderful movement which lends a little extra sass and sparkle to any ensemble. I love the feeling of the fringe moving as I walk and I find myself wearing these styles day after day, not only because I love how they look but because I love how they make me feel. The flirty fringe combined with the warmth and sensuality of the coral garner a lot of double takes. It’s hard not to be distracted by them!"

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