Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Polly Wales

by - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Originally trained in sculpture, Sundance Artisan Polly Wales takes a playful, colorful approach to precious gems and metals. She finds beauty in imperfection, creating pieces that "always have unique and slightly unpredictable outcomes with a rough luxe."

Thoroughly modern, her singular jewels derive from an eclectic mix of references, from Byzantine and Indian artifacts to current couture trends. Polly and her UK-based team handcraft luxurious jewelry that is socially responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Polly's Sapphire Splendor Ring graces the cover of our most recent jewelry book. In it,she shows off the many splendid shades of sapphires alongside sparkling diamonds.

About her pieces, Polly notes, "A lot of my pieces come from how stones work together. These rings are made from parcels of old baguettes that come from vintage rings," she continues, "I love how they fit together and create something geometric and fresh, yet the irregularity of the vintage stones gives each piece as softer feminine quality."

Polly Wales' beautiful creations create discovery for its wearer years after it was bought. Her confetti rings are among the most popular of her pieces.

"Our confetti rings are joyful explosions of sapphires and gold made using our uniquely developed casting techniques," Polly notes, "They have an irreverent beauty that is as unique as whomever falls in love with them. Making these rings is as joyful as wearing them."

Shop all of Polly Wales' collection here.

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