Quoddy Mocs and Boots: A Long Tradition of Comfort

by - Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The inspiration behind Quoddy moccasins goes back centuries, when the Passamaquoddy people thrived in the coastal areas of Maine and New Brunswick. Like many Native American tribes, they made their own leather moccasins for their daily lives. In fact, it was from the neighboring Algonquin tribe that the English word for moccasin originated.

Today’s Quoddy brand of Lewiston, Maine, honors the tribe’s heritage by using traditional tools and cobbling skills along with supple leathers to handcraft every pair of footwear they sell, including their moccasins. As a result of this painstaking process, output for each Quoddy worker is measured by the dozens, not the thousands.

While their styles are timeless and cradle your feet in comfort, Quoddy also offers the advantage of being renewable. Once the soles eventually wear out, you can send in your Quoddys to be resoled by the same craftspeople who created your original pair. The result is a like-new pair of footwear that already has that broken-in feel.

This tireless commitment to quality is why Sundance is proud to introduce Quoddy footwear as a featured brand during our 30th anniversary celebration.

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