BedStü Boots: Genuine, Unique, Naturally Imperfect

by - Monday, September 16, 2019

We’re proud to share our latest collection of BedStü footwear, whose artisanal designs are fun and fashionable in both the urban jungle and the rodeo grandstands. Just as we do at Sundance, BedStü places great importance in creating long-lasting, ethically sourced products.

Inspired by the rugged yet resilient Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, or, more formally, Bedford-Stuyvesant, the artisans at BedStü have grown into a diverse, creative, fiercely independent group. The family-run operation purposefully defies the mass-production approach. Each piece is hand-woven, sewn, washed and finished with incredible precision and skill. This human component contributes slight variations in texture and color, guaranteeing your boots or shoes will truly be one-of-a-kind creations.

BedStü also shares the Sundance passion for ethical sourcing. For starters, their selection of vegetable-tanned leather footwear uses only natural ingredients. From the leather uppers to the wood heels and wedges, all BedStü footwear parts are crafted using sustainably sourced, all-natural materials. This mindset even applies to their water-based glues and plant-based dyes. We agree that this approach is better for their workers, the planet, and all of us.

With a love for tradition, authentic construction, and handcrafted quality, BedStü footwear is one of the featured brands of the Sundance 30th anniversary celebration.

Shop our exclusive Bed Stü collection here.

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