Love Letter Pouches: Crafted With Love In Peru

by - Thursday, October 31, 2019

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In the remote rural areas of Peru, many of the indigenous Quechua people have few employment options other than subsistence farming. Thanks to the vision of American Jenny Krauss, the Quechua’s proud artisanal culture is now being sustained. The proof is in these Love Letter Pouches created specifically for Sundance customers.

sundance catalog love letter pouches crafted with love in peru quechuan artisan

The pouches make delightful holiday gifts for family and friends, thanks to their hand-embroidered letters and adorable floral accents. Better still, each purchase supports Jenny’s heartfelt effort to create more opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for the women artisans of Peru. 

Jenny was visiting Peru when she first came across the handiwork of Quechuan women. She soon realized that finding buyers in America for these crafts would do a lot of good for the people in these remote communities.

A workshop was established in the Andean town of Ayacucho, where a team dyes the yarn, weaves the base fabric and does all the finishing work. Once the base fabric is ready, the pouches’ designs are drawn on and sent with the yarn and instructions to the countryside. This is where hundreds of women artisans create the magnificent embroidery. When this work is finished, the pouches go back to the workshop for the finishing touches and then on to Lima for export.

                                               sundance catalog love letter pouches crafted with love in peru quechuan artisan

The employment has made a real difference in the fortunes of many rural Quechuan women.

“I visit Peru every year,” Jenny says proudly, “and hear some wonderful stories from the weavers and embroiderers about how the work we provide has changed their lives.”

Now, she adds, the women speak of how earning money – and the self-esteem it provides – has made such a difference. 

Jenny’s strong belief in using fair trade practices is also vital. Orders are paid in full when they are placed, so raw materials can be purchased and payrolls met without outside financing. Workers are chosen from just a few selected regions in order to maximize their earnings and create year-round employment. She adds, “We respect and trust our producers and that’s reflected in how we conduct our business.”

                                            sundance catalog love letter pouches crafted with love in peru quechuan artisan

This holiday season, you can share the love from here to Ayacucho with Love Letter Pouches, one of the heartwarming highlights of this year’s Sundance holiday catalog.

Our Customers Love These!

Love these hand sewn pouches I’m giving as gifts to my employees with their bonuses inside. I may buy more to give gift cards etc these pouches are very personal an simply adorable.
 -  Skoonie -

I bought three! One for myself and for my daughters. So cute! Love that they are a fair trade product!
- Chi Nan -

Bought 3 of these, one for a friend's birthday gift, the other two for Christmas gifts. I am so pleased with them, can't wait to give them, I think they will be pleased.
-  Pill711 -

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  1. Received mine a few days ago, and it is truly lovely. I love the idea behind it, and more importantly the sustainable part of helping these artistic women share their work, culture and a way to support themselves. Going to purchase 2 more as gifts. Thank you - Marcy

  2. I always love looking at knitted things and realize that it is fine and detailed work. On the customer service page, FAQ notes that Sundance does not provide info on suppliers but learning about the people who make the unique items Sundance sells makes me appreciate them all the more. From Isabel R.