Dogs of Sundance: Arctic Rescue Huskies

by - Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Dogs of Sundance

Dogs have long enjoyed a favored status at Sundance. Our offices are dog friendly, and we love to see them sniffing around the halls or curled up under a desk. Their fuzzy faces regularly grace the pages of our catalogs and we even have a pet shop for our pets and pet lovers.

dogs of sundance catalog

Meet The Furry Ambassadors Of Sundance

Now we’re proud to introduce to you our latest Holiday Catalog models, Veronica and Jack. These amazingly friendly and gorgeous Siberian huskies both hail from here in Utah. They serve as ambassadors for their breed with Arctic Rescue, a Utah-based nonprofit animal rescue group.

We love and respect the work of Arctic Rescue and are happy for this chance to promote them. For more than 25 years, they have been saving the lives of homeless animals with an Arctic heritage, including Veronica and Jack. Their snow-loving dog menagerie includes other Siberian huskies, Alaskan huskies and Alaskan malamutes.

The good people of Arctic Rescue give these rescue dogs the love and care they deserve, which includes finding welcoming foster homes and forever homes for them. They also provide potential dog owners with important education about foster dog care and adoption.

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Arctic Rescue ambassador dogs have been invited to represent to the public an Arctic dog’s playful love of snow, people and fun. They can be seen in the Utah Office of Tourism’s promotional videos, Sundance Film Festival promotions, school programs and, of course, the Sundance 2019 Holiday Catalog, where their love for winter comes shining through.

dogs of sundance catalog from arctic rescuedogs of sundance catalog from arctic rescue

Veronica and Jack currently live in Utah County and have a spectacular view of Mount Timpanogos, which is also home to the breathtaking Sundance Mountain Resort.

dogs of sundance catalog

We can’t get enough of our fur babies and welcome Jack and Veronica to the mix. Look for them, along with Sundance family dogs, sharing the spotlight with our models throughout this year’s Holiday Catalog and online.

dogs of sundance catalog from arctic rescue

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