On the Road: Behind the Scenes for Holiday 2019

by - Thursday, December 26, 2019

Holiday Shoot 2019

It’s the season for sharing love, charity, and sentiment, and the Sundance design and photography teams happily channel this spirit into the annual photoshoot of our Holiday Catalog. Here’s a sneak peek at how it all comes together.

The Inspiration

Our Holiday Catalog is always built around several design concepts. This year’s holiday themes include Global Nomads, St. Petersburg, Northern Lights and the warm, cabin-like feel of our Men’s Almanac. Our designers and our fashion team use these themes to collaborate on style boards, creating exactly the looks we want.

The Location

To support the design team’s inspiration, we look for epic snowy backdrops in areas of great natural beauty.  Our VP of Creative researches a variety of locations that are breathtaking and aspirational. This year’s locations are in the mountains of Utah and at a local ranch in Colorado. Once our VP decides on these spots, she creates inspirational packets that help define the styling, landmarks and photography direction for each location.

The Execution

Our VP brings in expert stylists who can design and build inspiring sets and props for each location. This year the team created an entire greenhouse and a drawbridge specifically for the Holiday Catalog shoot! Once the sets are complete photographers capture the magic of the season. Most of this talented crew has worked with us for years and know precisely how to make these beautiful images come to life.

The Comradery

Our teams work together beautifully. “The fun thing,” reflects our VP of Creative, “is the comradery. The people on our crew share the same sense of wonder and the joy of traveling.” She adds, “We love researching places at our shoots, such as ‘what are the best stores’ or ‘what are the best restaurants.’ We really try to make our photoshoots an exploration of the location we are shooting in, finding fun things to do and see. It’s a joy to work with all these people who are on board with me and have a history at Sundance and are as passionate about the brand as I am.”

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  1. Hi,
    I am a huge fan of your photography, catalog and of course the clothes. I was wondering... how many different locations do you shoot at each season, for how many days and then how many outfits are shot at each location? The sets and the details are so well executed... bravo. Wish you sold plus sizes!

  2. What a beautiful photo-shoot! I love winter!