Aro’s Modern Take On Vintage Sneakers

by - Monday, February 03, 2020

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Street-smart Spanish Sneakers

We’re crushing hard these days on the charmingly hip Alida Sneakers from the ARO footwear brand. Designed in Barcelona, Spain, these street-smart shoes really stand out, thanks to eye-catching colors and their fresh interpretation of the classic sneaker design.

The visual element, however, is only part of the Alida’s appeal. When you put them on, you quickly discover how light, breathable and comfortable sneakers they are. This is due to their ultra-flexible, well-cushioned footbeds and airy fabric/leather uppers. The result is true all-day walking comfort.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

We also appreciate the story behind these sneakers. ARO shoes are not mass-produced, but rather they are crafted by classically trained shoemakers from Romania. These talented cobblers use modern materials of the highest quality, while they employ a variety of traditional shoemaking techniques. The subtle detailing of these shoes is exquisite.

One modern construction upgrade is the rubber vulcanizing technique they use to craft each shoe’s footbed. This process of heat-cured bonding is preferred over the usual glues or adhesives because it creates soles of superior durability.

The Distinctive ARO Look 

ARO shoes are immediately recognizable thanks to their bright and vibrant colors, clean design and the prominent “ring” logo. The company was founded in Barcelona in 2005 with the desire to create new types of sneakers featuring stylish looks. With the Alida, they have found the sweet spot of modern design and old-school construction. We think you’ll love them as much as we do.

With spring weather coming soon, a pair or two of Alida Sneakers from ARO will make your casual adventures more stylish and comfortable.

sundance catalog alida sneakers

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