Sustainable Cleaning Supplies? Yes, Please

by - Friday, February 28, 2020

sundance sustainable cleaning supplies

Can household cleaning supplies be crafted sustainably and effectively? Absolutely. Our collection of high-quality cleaning products from Andrée Jardin, Fer á Cheval, and Makaua takes a page from the past by offering simple, handmade tools and soaps that are highly functional and double as beautiful decorative accessories for your home. They’re a wonderful complement to the artisanal heritage of Sundance.

Dusting Supplies from Andrée Jardin

Today’s disposable plastic products were not always the norm for cleaning supplies. These classic items from Andrée Jardin prove that newer is not always better. Their beautiful brooms and dusters are handmade the traditional way, using real French beechwood frames and genuine hog bristles to provide many years of service. They’re truly made to last!

The company has hundred-year-old roots in the French city of Nantes, where Georges Renée Julio started out as an apprentice brush maker. His company flourished for decades, until globalization and inexpensive plastic flooded the market. Determined to change this state of affairs, his two grandchildren reissued the original brushes, naming the new company after their beloved grandmother. Today, they’re keeping alive French craftsmanship and know-how with every authentic duster or broom you purchase.

sundance sustainable cleaning supplies

Organic Soaps from Fer á Cheval

Soap should always be simple, natural and organic, traditions that Fer á Cheval has been following for the past 150 years. The company was named after the French words for “horseshoe,” following the quaint 19th century custom of giving a business a name evoking good luck or happiness. Once one of hundreds of local soap makers – the iconic product of Marseille – today they’re known proudly as the French city’s oldest soap factory.

After all these years, Fer á Cheval hard soaps continue to be crafted using four basic ingredients: sea water, vegetable oil, ash and lye. They hand-select the ingredients to create the bases for their soaps, passing on this know-how from generation to generation. (They’ve even been designated by the French government as a Living Heritage Company for the excellence of their expertise). Their proprietary age-old recipe results in a certified organic product that is treasured for its gentle cleaning power. They’re soaps that feel good and you can feel good about.

sundance sustainable cleaning supplies

Makaua’s Natural-fiber Waste Basket

In the southern mountains of Mexico, palms grow abundantly. The local population has made use of this natural fiber for countless generations, carefully cutting selected leaves in a manner that does not kill the plant, but rather encourages regrowth.

Today we’re proud to offer the Makaua Natural Waste Bin Baskets, which merge traditional, sustainable palm-braiding techniques with contemporary design. Use them as decorative baskets or waste baskets – they look beautiful either way.

As a company of artisans, producers and designers, Makaua provides jobs to skilled locals who live in one of the most economically fragile areas of the country. These workers are also able to create these baskets directly from their home, helping to keep their families united.

Keeping Traditions Alive 

All these products celebrate a slower, more organic style of manufacturing that is harder than ever to find these days. We’re proud to offer them to you now to help elevate the beautiful and sustainable living we believe in.

sundance sustainable cleaning supplies

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