Honoring Artistry and Nature: The Making of a Sundance Store

by - Monday, July 27, 2020

A Place. An Idea Celebrating and
Enriching the Human Experience
- Robert Redford -

Our stores are more than just a place to shop. They offer an experience for your senses and sensibilities. When you enter a Sundance store you immediately notice the beautiful colors, textures, and of course our unique product throughout, but if you pause for a moment you’ll notice the special design touches that make each of our retail stores unique.

The Artful Journey Begins 

Sundance Village was founded by Robert Redford in 1969 with a small rustic store that carried general goods and clothing as well as special, handcrafted items from American artisans. It was a unique shopping experience that for decades prompted visitors to call asking to have items they had seen sent to them.

20 years later, Robert Redford founded Sundance Catalog and wrote, “When you purchase something from this catalog, we appreciate the fact that the prime reason is enjoyment for yourself. But you are also supporting American craftspeople and efforts to enhance and preserve the environment.”

To this day, we continue to honor the original Sundance spirit in all of our retail stores with design elements incorporating nature, art, and community. We invite you to read below to discover how we create our unique shopping spaces.

Authentically Sundance

From floor to ceiling and front to back, each of our stores is designed to celebrate the Sundance heritage and local flavors through distinct artistic touches. While each store has a rustic elegant theme incorporating reclaimed wood, gold leaf, and weathered copper, our design team creates every store individually per the needs of the community and within the space we have available. A lovely example of this is the facade of the Alamo Quarry store in San Antonio, TX, which was crafted with stone from a quarry in the area.

The distinctive Sundance style starts before you even enter our stores. At the entrances you will find reclaimed wood doors made from old barns flanked by windows embedded with textured chicken wire glass. If you see a gold Sundance logo on any of the windows, take a closer look. These elegant logos are created by an artist applying a delicate 22-karat gold leaf using an old world gilding technique.

A Place to Discover

Once in the door, it’s time to pause and take it all in. In our “Front Porch” area you’ll find a curated showcase of the current, seasonal products we carry in all of our collections (apparel, home, etc.) framed by an array of beautifully handcrafted and hand-painted turquoise floor tiles.

inside a sundance store be inspired

Make your way through the illuminated display cases featuring artisan-crafted jewelry and look down to note the hardwood floors made from reclaimed oak fence posts. Don’t forget to look up and admire the Salon Glass Pendant Lighting casting a pleasant glow over Sundance merchandise displayed on one-of-a-kind wood tables.

inside a sundance store be inspired

inside a sundance store be inspired

As you move through the colorful clothing, accessories, and artisan items, you will notice the walls of the stores are not just painted. They are covered in two types of wallpaper: woven and cork with flecks of gold and are adorned with pictures featuring the most current Sundance fashion collection. You will probably see one of our feminine and sophisticated dresses displayed on a custom form produced by one of the oldest mannequin makers around today.

inside a sundance store be inspired

Toward the back of the stores our gathering room areas, with individually designed dressing rooms, offer a lovely respite for our shoppers and their guests alike. We’ve created homey, comfortable seating areas featuring one-of-a kind chairs, lighting, tables, and an oversized antique tin tile framed mirror. In the individual gathering rooms artist Jes MaHarry has created wall hooks made from repurposed railroad spikes. Each room also features an homage to our founder Robert Redford with an iconic image from one of his films.

inside a sundance store be inspired

Featured on the front of every cash wrap is a copper Sundance logo designed, weathered, and rusted for branded appeal. On the wall behind the counter is a curated collection of images and quotes by Robert Redford and classic Sundance images with iconic products. And full circle, you will often find an image of Mount Timpanogos near Sundance, UT - home to the first Sundance General Store, where our catalog was founded over 30 years ago.

inside a sundance store to be inspired

An Invitation to Be Inspired

We hope you enjoyed this virtual journey through a Sundance store full of one-of-a-kind design elements and materials. We invite you to visit a store in each of these cities to fully appreciate how every location is not only a glimpse into the spirit of Sundance, but also a unique tribute to each community.

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