Jennifer MaHarry: The Art Of Wild Horses

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Protecting wild animals is important to Sundance artisan Jennifer MaHarry. We are fortunate that she shares this soulful passion with us through her photography. She is inspired to capture the beauty of animals and nature and plays an active role in contributing to their protection.

Jennifer’s unique style as a nature photographer is cherished worldwide by gallerists, interior designs, celebrities and fine art collectors. (As an aside, she also has a successful side career designing iconic movie posters, such as Captain Marvel, Mulan and A Wrinkle in Time.)

Jennifer Maharry The Art Of Wild Horses Sundance Catalog

A Warmth for Wild Things

Jennifer’s creative vision is simple: to help connect viewers with her subjects and encourage respect for wild animals and natural places.

“I try to show wild animals as individuals with nuanced personalities and emotions,” she says of her imagery. “The more people empathize with these creatures, the more they’ll be inspired to protect them.”

Jennifer Maharry The Art Of Wild Horses Sundance Catalog

An Equine Bond

Jennifer has been a fan of horses for most of her life. As a child, she grew up riding horses through the forested trails of upstate New York. Her first experience with wild horses was to document rehabilitated mustangs at a sanctuary in California. Struck by their beauty and fierce family bonds, she went on to photograph wild horses in natural environments throughout the West.

It was through these travels that Jennifer witnessed cruel, government-led roundups of wild horses. She quickly learned the harsh and highly political reality of these beautiful creatures, who are rapidly disappearing from our public lands. An activist was born.

Protecting and Preserving

Today, Jennifer proudly donates a percentage of the net proceeds from her photography sales to the National Resources Defense Council and the American Wild Horse Campaign, a nonprofit preservation organization. To date, sales of her art have raised more than $100,000 for environmental charities benefiting all things wild. She is also a regular contributor to LAIKA, a magazine dedicated to, among other topics, showing compassion for animals.

Sundance is pleased to offer a selection of Jennifer MaHarry’s wild horse photographs for your home or office. Your purchase will help to share her love for these magnificent living things.

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