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Celebrating the Monarch Butterflies of Yosemite

September 22, 2017

They delight all who see them. Without a doubt, monarch butterflies are the most iconic butterfly species of North America.

Collectible, Coveted and One of a Kind - The History & Craftsmanship Behind the Sundance Heritage Collection

September 19, 2017

Collector’s items, treasures to be loved and passed down from generation to generation, our Heritage Collection is made up of exquisitely handcrafted jewelry from American artisans, past and present. Curated to represent the best of its kind, each piece is rich in history, story and time-honored tradition.

Sundance Artisan Spotlight: Adel Chefradi

September 15, 2017

Born in Tunisia, along the Mediterranean coast where ancient history and modern life coexist, and now settled in Woodstock, NY,  Adel Chefradi's interest in the art of jewelry making began at an early age when he first walked into the back room of a jeweler who was wearing big glasses and wielded a torch in his hands. For him, it was magical to see how gold can be molded into different shapes and creations. Thus began a lifelong fascination with metal work and gemstones.

A Year of Birthstones

August 30, 2017

September Sapphires
Many people place great importance on the month of one’s birth, and throughout the ages, various traditions have evolved to encapsulate its meaning. One of these traditions is the birthstone. A birthstone is a gem associated with a month on the calendar, each with a unique symbolism and historical story. When worn by those born in that month, it is sometimes thought to enhance their life with its distinct properties.

Yosemite: Honoring an American Icon

August 24, 2017

Yosemite Valley
One of our defining passions at Sundance is the reverence we hold for natural landscapes. So when it came time to shoot this year’s Fall Collection, we jumped at the chance to go to one of the most awe-inspiring natural places on the planet: California’s Yosemite National Park.