Simple Steps to Creating an Artful Botanical Arrangement

by - Monday, March 23, 2020

One of the simplest ways to freshen up your home this spring is with a gorgeous botanical bouquet. Our hand-painted Bountiful Botanicals come in a variety of distinctive bloom types and colors, and make stunning displays.

To help you create your own artistic floral arrangements, we offer a few simple steps below. In no time you’ll be enjoying the beauty of nature throughout your home.

Start with Color

Some of our favorite floral arrangements this year feature monochromatic flowers. Choose botanicals within a single color palette, using a variety of sizes for texture. Or stick with one flower type for a more classic looking design. Conversely, using different color tones opens up endless artistic possibilities – you can play with multiple textures and vases to capture a look of rustic elegance.

As you select shades of botanicals that will complement a specific area in your home, consider:

Enchanting Violets

The wisteria and claret work beautifully as focal flowers, while our heather and lilac make perfect fillers. For a striking effect, pair violet flowers with contrasting blooms from our yellow collection. For a subtle arrangement, combine violet blossoms with blushing pink hues.

Blushing Beauty

The pink-hued cerise and amaranth blossoms are stunning. Mix with a bouquet of sunny yellow blooms for a warm and welcoming arrangement.

Mellow Yellow

Our luminous yellow botanicals warm up any bouquet, but are also a cheerful classic on their own.

Earthy Sienna

Sienna is a neutral with striking texture that adds lush fullness to any arrangement.

Pick Your Florals

Once you choose a color palette, pick your florals. Look for botanicals with various sized buds, flowers, and stem lengths to play with scale. Consider the shape of the botanicals to fully enhance your arrangement’s texture. To create a more balanced, natural effect, use an odd number of each type of botanical.

Decide where to display your bouquet. Tall, full arrangements look best in an entryway or living room with high ceilings. Smaller arrangements work best in bedrooms, on side tables, or in the kitchen. Determine the vase size you need to fill that space. We suggest starting with one of our handcrafted, recycled glass vases:

Simone Vase
Vica Pickling Jar

Let Your Creativity Blossom

To craft your arrangement, place the botanicals in the vase to see how the colors, textures, and stem heights work together. Distribute the colors throughout the vase and place different textures and sizes around each other. Play around with various combinations. You may decide a fuller bouquet suits your home best, or possibly a more airy, breathable design.

Trim the stems to achieve your desired overall effect, especially when using a clear vase. With an opaque vase, you can bend the stem bottoms as needed.

Next, shape the botanicals to layer the bouquet. Gently bend stems to space the botanicals in the vase. Opening up the petals can also help bring more air into your arrangement. The goal is to create a natural, authentic look.

Elevate Your Home

Once you discover how much beauty your artful display brings to your home, you’ll want to add new arrangements as the seasons come and go. Not only does their beauty never fade, our botanicals make every space more warm and inviting.

To see more examples of our Bountiful Botanical arrangements from our or for more artful home inspiration, visit our Home Collection online.

Care Note: Our Bountiful Botanicals are designed to last. To keep your flowers fresh during the off-season, store them in a clean bin or container and put a large plastic bag over the top of them. When you get them out of storage, make sure to fluff the botanicals, bend the stems, and clean up each flower to ensure it looks fresh.

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