Antique Meets Modern In Tej Kothari’s Elegant Jewelry

by - Friday, January 24, 2020

Tej Kothari Sundance Catalog Jewelry Artisan

Sundance artisan Tej Kothari has a passion for creating jewelry of timeless elegance. The master jeweler’s distinctive vision is to take the detailing and proportion of antique jewelry and update it with his own modern, minimalist sensibility. We are in awe of his craftsmanship.

Tej was first exposed to jewelry at a very young age, thanks to his mother who ran a successful antique jewelry venture. It was in college when he was first encouraged to create his own designs as a way to help pay for grad school (at the time, he was majoring in molecular biology). Thanks to his mother’s tutelage, his first pieces sold quickly and the creative freedom he felt soon eclipsed his plans for further education.

Modern & Minimal

Today, many of Tej’s captivating designs are inspired by nature and its tiniest wonders. His pieces stand out for their refined, hand-crafted character and visual balance, qualities that create graceful wearability. Stones are custom cut or hand-selected and are primarily set in beautiful 18k gold.

Discover the inspiration behind Tej’s latest offerings:

Tej Kothari Sundance Catalog Jewelry Artist

The Mystic Lake Ring is Tej’s stunning take on the classic halo ring.  Two rows of diamonds surround the center aquamarine to make this an heirloom-quality ring that’s designed to complement any look.

Tanzanite Falls Earrings have a tanzanite and diamond “cinnamon fern” design. This was inspired by nature he observed while walking trails during a recent visit to Rhode Island. Spring distilled into an earring!

Another classic Kothari design, the elegant Aqua Raindrop Necklace has simplicity at its core. Like drops of rain, the window-set aquamarines playfully shimmer across the neckline, while subtle color variations add visual texture. Stunning by itself, it layers easily with other pieces too.

Bloom in Blue Earrings represent an amalgamation of the wildflowers spotted on that same Rhode Island trip. This eye-catching style features aquamarine and tanzanite petals and diamond accents.

Tej Kothari Sundance Catalog Jewelry Artist

Starlight Chandelier Earrings exude old-world charm while using modern proportions. With their diamond window accented by a swaying fringe of polka diamonds, these truly are petite works of art.

Part of his stargazing-inspired “starry night” collection, the Stars Aligned Diamond Ring has a double shank to provide a strong presence to its otherwise tailored look. The elegantly modern ring dazzles with brilliant-cut diamonds lined up and shining brightly.

His L’eau Necklace combines an antique sensibility with a modern, tailored look. Two asymmetrical polki diamonds offer a brilliant yet understated presence that gives this necklace its defining look. Think minimalist style with maximum effect!

Marguerite Diamond Hoop Earrings pay homage to the abundant wildflowers found in the coastal bluffs and rolling hills of the Bay Area. His diamond "wildflower" and classic marquise hoops are an elegant way to give yourself flowers every day.

The delicate Starry Starry Night Earrings are inspired less by van Gough than by his observation of star patterns during clear Northern California nights. Like starlight, the brilliant-cut diamonds will add a sparkle to any evening.

One of our favorite Tej masterpieces is the Diamond Profusion Ring. This exquisite design was created with a shimmering mosaic of rose- and brilliant-cut diamonds in this handcrafted ring and with a satin-finished 18kt gold. This is a jewelry statement you won’t want to miss!

These magnificent works from Tej are online-only, with several being Sundance exclusives. Discover our entire Tej Kothari fine jewelry collection here, and experience the enduring joy of wearing a Kothari design for yourself.

Tej Kothari Sundance Catalog Jewelry Artist

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