Winter Warmers You Can Feel Good About

by - Monday, January 13, 2020

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The Artisan Commitment from Nepal

At the heart of the Sundance heritage is featuring artisans who value sustainable practices, both for their workers and the environment. The textile designer that works with Nepalese Artisans is one such partner, and we couldn’t be prouder to share her unique collection with you.

This woman-owned company has beautiful designs that we love for their joyful color palettes, exquisite details and classic French knot stitches, and Sundance customers whole-heartedly agree!

We also appreciate the commitment from the Artisans in Nepal, who assist in creating these designs, to following fair trade regulations, which ensures the Nepal-based knitters are paid a living wage. And, because items are hand-dyed, handspun, and hand-knit with 100% natural yarns, the textile designer and her Nepalese Artisans leave a decidedly small carbon footprint.

How Do They Make Their Items So Fun and Distinctive?

“Each of our designs is inspired by vintage textiles or antique elements such as furniture, brooches, and wallpaper,” explains the textile designer. “We keep each design fresh by using modern colors and a dash of beading.”

She also emphasizes, “All of our items are handmade in Nepal. There is no place in the world that does hand-knitting and hand-embroidery quite like Nepal. We work with hundreds of artisans and each piece is made completely by hand: the dyeing process, each knit stitch, embroidery, and beading.”

The Sundance Collection

The Sundance Collection includes many captivating winter items suitable for both everyday warmth:

“We pay homage,” sums up the female textile designer, “to the way items used to be made; from high-quality materials and designed to last.” She adds, “I’m honored to work with such wonderfully kind-hearted and talented Nepali people.” We are thrilled to continue supporting her and her artisans in their commitment to creating high-quality, sustainable items that maintain the artisanal style we value at Sundance.

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