On The Road: Scenic Glacier National Park

by - Saturday, January 18, 2020

Our photography team regularly shoots in some beautiful natural settings, but few places can compare to the splendor we recently found at Glacier National Park in Montana. Here’s an inside peek at how our winter shoot came to be.

Finding Inspiration

We plan in advance for all of the photoshoots that happen during the year to give us time to curate the best images for each catalog. This may be surprising, but our winter catalogs are always shot during the warm, summer months. So, we seek out a location that is wintery and chilly enough, even during summer, to allow magical winter backdrops and to match the catalog theme.

While Glacier has long been at the top of our list for a shoot, it usually gets quite crowded in summer. This year we were lucky to get lodging and find secluded locations in the park. To find these areas, we always take a trip to scout out the area a month or two beforehand.

During our scouts, we often discover locations that we previously didn’t have in mind. This year we came upon a beautiful lake and discovered there was an amazing boat to use as a prop that was perfect for our vision. We knew this was a gem we couldn’t find elsewhere, and we ended up turning it into a pivotal part of our lake shoot.

Serendipity in the Park

Before each shoot, our VP of Creative prepares an image shot list for all we need to accomplish each day while on location. While planning is critical, our photoshoots are always an adventure because we explore a variety of areas we didn’t know existed. This allows the team to be flexible and choose which shots to take at which locations.

Thinking about Glacier, with a smile on her face, she says “It’s not that hard to take shots in an environment that’s that epic.”

Things We Loved at Glacier

Going-to-the-Sun Road: This scenic mountain road is simply stunning. Tip: We left our lodging before dawn so we could get there by sunrise. It was epic! The road even has its own app created by Gypsy Guide that you can download for a self-guided tour of the park from your car (even when offline).

Where to Stay: We suggest staying at the Apgar Village Lodge. The cabins and lodges sit on the shores of the largest lake in Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald.

Town to Explore: Whitefish, Montana is the cutest town that is a must-see when exploring Glacier. It was named one of the “Top 25 Ski Towns in the World” by National Geographic.

What to Eat: Eddie’s Café & Gifts was great, and they have amazing ice cream, too!

When to Visit: Make sure to get your reservations early! Go in summer when the weather is mild and the scenic beauty is at its peak. Late August remains more available during the summer months.

We hope you enjoy the setting of Glacier National Park for our winter catalog photography. Read our blog to learn more about the inspiration behind our Winter Collection.

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  1. OMG i want to camp there so bad!What a beautiful country we have

  2. I love it when I receive your catalog. When I look through it I am taken to all the beautiful places where you do your photo shoots! Of course I want to purchase so many of the items. It truly is one of a kind. Thank You for such a wonderful catalog.