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by - Monday, March 02, 2020

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Got aches and pains? Have damaged skin? Feeling anxious or stressed? Sundance is pleased to introduce CBD-infused products that we’ve carefully curated from two trusted companies, Daughter of the Land and Floramye, to help you relax and feel better.

What is CBD?

Most people have by now heard about the popularity of CBD therapy. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant, which is the source of hemp fibers. Hemp has a long history of human use, with clothing, ropes and many other products commonly made from it.

CBD-infused products contain only miniscule amounts of THC, which is not nearly enough to provide any psychological effects.

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What is CBD used in?

CBD is used in a variety of products, many designed to offer relaxing and calming feelings in the user. These can include balms, lotions, tinctures, oils, edibles, skin creams, shampoos and even pet products.

products with cbd sundance catalog

What are its health benefits?

At Sundance, we take a cautious approach to promising CBD health benefits.

There is certainly strong anecdotal evidence that CBD products have helped many thousands of people to feel better. CBD is believed by these users to decrease anxiety and stress, improve sleep, help soothe musculoskeletal and nerve pains, and clear skin of acne and eczema.

Medical science, of course, relies on large, carefully designed studies to formally prove or disprove a product’s efficacy. Because CBD products are still relatively new, most such studies are ongoing. So, for now, we think CBD health claims should be viewed with at least some caution, even if your relatives or close friends rave to you about how it has benefited them. CBD is currently FDA approved only as an anti-seizure medication.

What CBD products we offer?

Our CBD products are a joy for the senses, imparting beauty and wonderful scents in addition to their healing benefits. They come from two companies we trust and respect:

Daughter of the Land specializes in organic skincare products designed with the lowest possible impact on the environment. We carry the all-organic Chamomile Calming Balm that mixes the herbal healing properties of arnica montana with CBD oil. It helps you to look and feel your best.

All-organic Chamomile Calming Balm Sundance Catalog

Floramye, which takes its name from an old French perfume house, blends CBD with fragrant essential oils. Their wellness products promise to soothe skin, reduce pain and restore beauty.

Our choices include:

Chamomile Calming Balm
Rose Hip Bath Soak
Balancing Facial Oil

Revitalizing Elixir
Balancing Facial Oil
Calming Body Cream

Keep in mind that topical products such as body creams are absorbed by the skin and hair follicles, but never reach your bloodstream. This allows you to focus CBD’s benefits only on where it is applied. On the other hand, ingestible CBD, such as Floramye’s elixir, are absorbed internally and spreads through the body by the bloodstream. This type of product is intended to offer whole body benefits.

Whether you’re a CBD first timer or already a devotee, you can count on our curated selection of CBD products to be of the highest quality.

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