Lance Whitner’s Window on the American West

by - Thursday, March 19, 2020

lance whitner painter sundance catalog

One of the principles of Sundance is that art should be a part of our daily lives, not just something to be viewed from behind glass during an occasional trip to the museum. We believe that by including art in everyday living, we enhance and enrich the simple pleasure of ordinary routines.

This season we are excited to feature a selection of spirited paintings by artist Lance Whitner. Radiating a lively energy so very much like the artist herself, her paintings joyfully honor the natural world around her and are the perfect addition to our Home Collection.

Lance fell in love with the Colorado Rocky Mountains after attending the University of Colorado, Boulder as a Ceramics major in their Fine Arts program. She settled in Steamboat Springs where she currently resides in a purple house with her photographer husband, 3 animated kids, a dog named Betty, a cat named Cowboy, and a horse named Ashe.

lance whitner painter sundance catalogBeing a mountain bike rider, skier, hiker and yogi, Lance pulls inspiration viscerally from her time spent in nature that is then spilled effortlessly onto her canvases, watercolor paper and sketchbooks.

lance whitner painter sundance catalog

Distinctive Layering

Using a loose, intuitive technique Lance layers shapes and colors to create richly textured, dreamlike scenes. Playful shifts in perspective pull the eye from one area to the next, and deceptively simple images often hide layers of underpainting, patterns, and marks that draw the viewer in for a closer look.

Lance, a self-taught painter, explains, “I use my unique visual vocabulary of color, shape, line and mark to interpret the places my passions take me. Through my paintings, I strive to pass along the spirit of this joy and free expression.”

lance whitner painter sundance catalog

Sublime Equine

Lance’s colorful light-filled pastoral paintings capture the freedom and expansive skies of the American West. These pieces have palpable energy and when hanging in a room serve almost as a window peering out onto the great outdoors.

Radiant Florals

Lance’s floral paintings are delightful compositions in color, depth, and texture achieved through meticulous layering of oil-paints in vibrant shades. Her artistry and true appreciation of the beauty found in nature imbues each piece with a distinctive sense of balance, joy, and liveliness.

“When you purchase something from this catalog, we appreciate the fact that the prime reason is enjoyment for yourself. But you are also supporting American craftspeople and efforts to enhance and preserve the environment.” - Robert Redford

Shop the Sundance collection of Lance Whitner’s one-of-a-kind vibrant, impressionistic paintings depicting the grasses, flowers, and animals in the rugged landscape of the American West here.

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