On the Road, Again

by - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Creative Director waxes poetically about the 25th Anniversary Fall Catalog shoot

“You are SOOOOO lucky - you get to travel to the most unbelievable places...” As the Creative Director at Sundance, I hear this a lot. Well. I can’t really argue with the sentiment. Sure, going on location for photo shoots is hard work, but I get to travel to Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mexico... and most recently, Sundance’s backyard - Utah - it could be worse.

For our 25th Anniversary book, I was given the daunting task of coming up with THE place to shoot the Fall fashion. No pressure. A stack of some of Sundance’s first issues landed on my desk. I had a blast reading through Robert Redford’s letters. It immediately became apparent how vested he was, and is, in the American West. And, in Utah. After all, the state just named a DAY - November 9th to be exact - after Mr. Redford in order to honor him for all of his efforts in preserving and promoting the state.

If you haven’t been already, definitely put travel to Moab on your bucket list. Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

The view from my room at Sorrel River Ranch, which was base camp for 14 days and nights.

The local talent at the ranch.

Our shoot coincided with "Jeep Week", and we were lucky enough to have our own Jeep to explore the amazing red rock canyon. Our digital tech was quite the skilled driver. Or so he said...

The land goes on forever and ever as do the puffy white clouds.

Balanced Rock, which stands 128 feet. is also in Arches National Park. The big rock on top is the size of 3 school buses. Its companion, "Chip Off the Old Block," fell in 1978. Our set/prop director is wondering how to get his props in the shot here.

On the first day of our shoot, we actually shot where you see this water. Being there in April means melt and run-off. We never had use of this area again, but trust me, there were plenty of other spots that were photo-worthy! Above, our producer is alerting me to the fact. All in a day's work.
Looking Glass Arch - although it's not in a national park, it's still worth seeing. It's interesting how these sandstone arches are formed - in a nutshell: erosion, rain, wind, time...

There's Sherm, our tireless production coordinator, wrangling horses for the big shot. Giddy up.

Our crew taking in the sites after a hike to Delicate Arch.

Exploring Turret Arch, also in Arches National Park. There are over 2,000 arches here, which is highest concentration in the world.

No photo retouching, but look at the heart in the upper-right corner. It was a great shoot. Happy 25th Anniversary, Sundance!

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