Watch the Making of the Moab Grange Table...Reclaimed Beauty

by - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Moab Grange Table

Watch the video of this beautiful table’s great beginnings to see the artisans transform reclaimed barn wood into the exquisite Moab Grange table.

The Moab Grange Table, made exclusively for Sundance, is constructed from reclaimed wood salvaged from old barns about to be demolished. The skilled craftsmen and artisans who create these pieces strive to preserve the natural beauty and history of the wood to share in a new way.

The table legs are built using the timbers that held up the structure, which, at the time of construction, were cut and squared by hand using trees from the property. The knots and nails are carefully maintained to further the unique story of each piece. The table top is made from the white oak of the roof rafters. The beautiful patina in each table comes from the 150 years of farm life, creating a richness and variation you cannot get in new wood.

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