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by - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It all started at the place, Sundance, Utah. A glorious place in the mountains, a perfect host for the inspiration of new ideas. A place carefully nurtured, preserved and cherished; to be enjoyed by all. A place where storytelling is rich and has no limits. 

Sundance Village General Store

Mesmerized by the beauty of Utah’s natural landscape, Sundance was founded in 1969 by our founder Robert Redford. The artists and craftspeople whose works filled the General Store at the base of the Sundance Village drew inspiration from the world around them. As guests would visit, they would become enamored with the Sundance ambiance and would request to purchase the items they discovered.

25 years ago, from a small operation run out of the attic of the old Sundance Village firehouse, the Sundance Catalog was born, making the iconic spirit of Sundance accessible to kindred souls across the country and around the world. From here, nestled in the mountains, we proudly mailed our very first catalog. It was Fall of 1989. The majestic mountain range of Mt. Timpanogos in the background, the babbling creek running through the Village, the vibrant colors on display across the aspen trees, the crisp mountain air nipping as the leaves fell so freely, the herd of elk seen in the distance. Yes, Fall at Sundance. An extraordinary experience not easily replicated.

The Sundance lifestyle is one of authenticity, freedom and creativity, yet rich in heritage and storytelling. For 25 years, you have brought the Sundance lifestyle into your homes. Now, we invite you to experience and share our blog, a natural extension of the Sundance journey. A place where our love for storytelling continues.

Here you will learn stories about our artists, watch videos from our photo shoots, share in our laughter, and discover how to bring the Sundance style to yourself and your home. But, what the Sundance blog becomes is also up to you. Ask us questions. Share your memories, experiences, and photos with us via comments on the blog or on FacebookPinterest, or Google+.

We have always and will always continue to remain true to you, our loyal following, nurturing the free spirit and artistic creativity which embody the Sundance lifestyle.

Again, welcome. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

The Sundance Family

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