A Sundance Exclusive: Vintage Bolivian Poncho Pillow

by - Thursday, August 22, 2019

For our 30th anniversary catalog, we searched far afield for unusual or one-of-kind works of art. Among our very favorite finds were these Bolivian poncho pillows.

A unique way to accent any room, these beautifully colorful pillows are indeed made of vintage ponchos from Bolivia. Not just any poncho, these were previously high-quality garments worn mostly by men for special occasions. Times and styles change, but rather than having these beautiful items be forgotten, we in the spirit of Sundance chose to repurpose them as functional art pieces.

Ponchos hold a special significance in this high-elevation South American nation. Bolivian artisans have long used high-quality alpaca wool to knit these garments, so they have earned a reputation as producing the highest-quality poncho you can find. Alpaca wool is used because it keeps the body warmer than other types of sheep wool, and it can even protect from the wearer from rain or snow.

Now repurposed as pillows, it’s their vibrant stripes, deep colors and a rich texture steeped in Andean mountain culture that will capture your attention and maybe fuel your wanderlust. Each pillow is one of a kind — each will vary.

Please note that because vintage ponchos are very rare, our supply of Vintage Bolivian poncho pillows is by necessity quite limited. Be sure to order early for best selection.

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