New 30th Anniversary Pieces From Jes MaHarry

by - Monday, August 26, 2019

Sundance artisan Jes MaHarry is one of those gentle souls who lives for love and beauty and seeks to make the world a kinder place. Her delightful creations have been favorites of ours for many years.

We feel fortunate that, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sundance Catalog, Jes was inspired to create the exquisite new Celebrate Life, Love & Happiness Bracelet and Love & Harmony Ring to honor Sundance’s own artistic heritage and earth-friendly values.

“The spirit of what I do comes from life, love and happiness,” she says. “I created these two pieces with yellow gold, rose gold and silver to represent the spiritual power that connects us to our harmonious existence—living a life of balance.” Jes adds that she hopes her jewelry inspires people to ‘follow the sun,'” which is the message she chose to adorn her enchanting new cuff.

As always, Jes’ creations embody her whimsical spirit and signature style. “Every piece is hand-made with its own unique energy that feels good to wear,” she says. “And I believe that this is because we take pride in every meticulous detail and find joy in the integrity in every step of the way.”

Shop her full collection here.

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  1. I received a mailer with a beautiful Southern Star Ring item 88690, but I can't find it on the catalog website. Please help. Thanks

  2. I to am a gentle Soul! My Spirit is at peace! I am Cherokee Nation and I know that life is deeper than imagination!Your pieces are beautiful and I wish so badly that I could afford them! I hope that those who can,appreciate all that you put into your creations!!

  3. My wife and I have our weddings rings from Jes and we get many compliments on them. Thank you Jes for beautiful jewelry and a very special artist.